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Russ Seto Memorial Scholarship

In recognition of the life and contributions of Russ Seto, his friends and his family are honoring Russ and his commitment to the Texas Triumph Register with a scholarship. The scholarship will help others receive an automotive/technical education they are pursuing, and honor his memory.  Please consider supporting these efforts with a donation in any amount.

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On Friday, April 27th the Triumph world lost a valued member in Russ Seto of the Texas Triumph Register. He was killed in a car accident in his TR3 starting the Annual FOG road trip with 14 other TTR members.

This is the start of a tribute to Russ from all of his friends. I am posting pictures and remembrances as they come in from all of his friends.

From the President of the Texas Triumph Register

TTR Members and Friends:


It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must report that Russ Seto passed away this evening, while driving the first leg of the planned 18 day Triumph “FOG” tour to California.  We do not have any details on what caused the accident; however, this news is overwhelming.  As many of you know, Russ has been a member of TTR for over 25 years, and was a friend to many.  He was the proprietor of the “TR Shop”, and could always be counted on to lend a hand in helping to repair someone’s car.  Our club has lost a wonderful man; an irreplaceable member who knew just about everything mechanical when it came to Triumphs.  A guiding force behind the Traveling Triumph Breakfast Club, Russ could be counted on to be at every Saturday breakfast (unless he was working on someone’s car).  Russ’ presence was felt throughout our club, and he will be greatly missed.


Some pictures showing Russ as I think he would like to be remembered and below the pictures some remembrances and testimonies from friends from all around. If you want to add your own, please email it to

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Remembrances and Testimonies of Russ Seto


There are so many memories of events and drives with Russ, that it is difficult to choose just one.  But if I had to, I would choose the 2012 F.O.G. trip through the Great Smoky Mountains and to the 2012 Mitty at Road Atlanta.  Russ had beeing working on his car, trying to finish some rebuild work on the engine and brakes the night before trip.  As we gathered at the breakfast stop that morning, we wondered if he had gottent he car ready.  Russ arrived late.  After congratulating him on getting the car done, we sudden noted smoke coming from the engine compartment.  He quickly opened the hood, only to find to our great amusement, that he had left his trouble light on the manifold, where it had started to melt.  He never lived that down.  Despite the ribbing he got from me and the others, Russ was the first person, toolbox in hand, to start looking under the hood of my TR8, when it suddenly quit, less than two hours into the trip.  Russ was just like that – always willing to help out someone else.  Thanks to him, and some assistance from Mike Hado, my car got back on the road and had no further troubles.  I wasn’t the only one whom Russ helped on that trip.  Thanks to his help, I had one of the best times in my life and have memories of that trip I will always cherish. God speed Russ – you will be missed.

Fred Wagner


I had just recently gotten back into Triumphs and bought one at Mecum Auction that was supposedly in great shape. Well, the paint job was, everything else needed work. I joined the TTR and was introduced to Russ the roving mechanic. Over the next few years, we had an almost monthly meeting to do something with the car and to help me learn how to do new things to and with the car, not to mention the enjoyment of his company. I learned a lot and Russ became a member of the family, although I didn’t realize how much until, when my youngest son Joel learned of his death, he told me how sad that was, and he was going to miss him.

Russ was also the one who picked the locations for the TTR Breakfasts and was almost always there. They are a great gathering and his presence will be missed there as well.

Russ, you taught me a lot and I will miss your company on the drives, at the TTR Breakfasts and all around.

Bob Pennington

I first meet Russ within weeks after I bought my TR6 in 2013.  My car had a leaking clutch master cylinder which I discovered when I took my wife for a show-off ride in the car for the first time and it broke down on the side of the road.  Russ to the rescue.  Since then, Russ has helped with a few other repairs such as bleeding the brake lines and adjusting the valve clearances.  Over the years, I got to know Russ a little better through the TR Breakfast Club and other club events and drives and I’ve heard many similar stories from other Triumph club members, that is, Russ to the rescue.  Russ was kind, gentle, and knowledgeable and did so much to help us all in the Houston area keep our Triumphs on the road.  Other cars too.  A few years after I met Russ, I introduced him to a friend of mine who had some mechanical problems with his 60’s era Healy 3000.  Russ was able to ascertain the problems, get the parts and come back to make the repair.  Once again, Russ to the rescue.

I last saw Russ on the Thursday afternoon guided drive at the VTR South Central Regionals.  It was a small group of 7 cars and we ended up at a countryside biker’s bar, Yankees Tavern & Grill in Carlos, Texas.  I had a chance to sit across from Russ and chat as we enjoyed a cheeseburger and talked about cars.  Good bye Russ, You are dearly missed.

Steven Umbach

Remembering Russ Seto

I was talking with a fellow car enthusiast recently about the good hardware stores we remembered from our childhoods and lamenting their disappearance over the years.  You know the ones, where you could find just about anything you needed, or didn’t know you needed, and you didn’t have to buy a package of a dozen when you only needed one.  They had knowledgeable salespeople who could answer your questions and give you a few tips, formed from old fashioned ingenuity, experience and wisdom.

It was with Russ’ passing this week that brought that conversation back to mind. When he would come to my house on a Sunday afternoon or a workday evening to help me work on my car, I would try to take in as much as I could learn and pick up a few tricks of the trade. In truth, I mainly watched and listened while I looked over his shoulder and held a lot of the tools for him – and got another lesson from the emeritus mechanic from Triumph University. He was the one with the pickup truck with a bottomless toolbox and a soldering gun that was as old and well used as my TR3.  I knew I was learning from someone who had as much knowledge of Triumph’s in his little finger as I would ever hope to learn – and that hopefully I could learn enough to be able to pass on some of this to others in time.

When I occasionally hear about one of those old-time hardware stores, I like to stop and check them out – walk up and down the isles even if I don’t need anything. Perhaps it’s just a bit of nostalgia for the good old days – which may be something that connects us Triumph owners in the first place – or perhaps it’s just tinkering with tools in our garages?  I don’t know, but I don’t think there will be a time when I buy a gallon of Sta-Lube Gear Oil (GL-4) without thinking of Russ with a little smile on my face in appreciation of him and a time gone by.

I will miss you Russ.

Marc Dickson

Like many members of our club Russ worked on my car several times over the years. However it wasn’t always a scheduled work call. Once, my car stopped running on the way to the monthly meeting. I called Russ, who was already at the meeting. He left the meeting to come down to where I was, got my car running again and we both went on to the meeting. Very generous of him.

Another time he became rather frustrated because my car had not been washed for some time. After coming out from under the hood, his hands covered in grease and dirt, he said, “You need to wash this car. I get dirty working on it!”

A very generous man who was always willing to help. Thank you, Russ. Rest in Peace.

Rick Trenholme

This is horrible news!    Russ has helped me with everything Triumph related that my family has ever done.  He has been our friend for over 23 years and, like each of you who knew him, we will miss him from now on.

Richard Dicks 

Oh my.  Oh no.  My heart is broken.  I feel this awful loss and sadness throughout my being.  Last time we were in Houston, Bob and I got to have a lovely lunch with him and Mike and Marie  I loved Russ because he was so humble and unassuming.  He so lovingly cared for Marianne and would help anyone that he could.  I really can’t even explain how deeply I will miss him.  I feel privileged that he got to drive to our home in Colorado a couple of years ago.  What a tender, lovely man.  He will be greatly missed.  My love and condolences to all who knew and loved him.


Russ was a great friend and a “go to” guy for all occasions, and we shall
miss him terribly.

Bob & Eileen Grover

My  heart hurts for the loss of Russ.  He was fine gentleman who knew more about our cars than we did.  He will be missed as a person and a great mechanic.  Prayers for Russ’s family and Marianne.

Bill Parker

OMG!! How sad. Although,  He was doing what he loved. He will be missed.

Russ and his family are in my prayers.

Jan Kovach

Kren and I are very saddened to hear the news.

Steve and Kren

We are both in shock and extremely saddened.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.

Tom Lewis and Debra Dees

This is truly awful news.  My heart is breaking.  Russ, Vern, Dave, John.  I & my family have so MANY great memories & trips.

Gary S. Fuqua

This is indeed heartbreaking news. He was always so good to Mike and the club as a whole. I am in Croatia so I don’t know if I will be able to be there to honor him and console Marianne.

Condolences and prayers of comfort to you all.

Caryn Vukelich 

This so terrible to hear, Mike. Please give my sympathies to his wife and family.

George Montgomery

Fred, I don’t usually keep up with the the TTR news as Pat does, but this  news is so close to home with  us. Russ was such an icon in the club, and we personally had him at our home restoring the engine on Pat’s TR2. He was always, as you put it, a person you could count on for help or just participating.  He will be greatly missed by all. So sorry for the club’s loss.

From Susie Gough.