Senior Class VTR Concours Rules:

Any car which has won one (1) First Place Award in Concours (Not Participants Choice) May enter Senior Class. After two (2) First Place Awards, the car Must enter Senior Class for the period of the next four (4) VTR National Conventions. Senior Class will be judged against the score sheet only. A score of 350 points or better is required to receive the Senior Award. After winning a Senior Award the car must be entered in Preservation Class if the owner wishes to pursue Concours. There can be any number of Senior Awards at any convention.


Preservation Award:

If the owner wishes to pursue Concours after having obtained one Senior Award, the car shall be entered for a Preservation Award. The scoring shall be the same as for Senior except that a score of 365 points shall be required
for the awarding of a Preservation Award. Preservation Award cars must be preregistered. There shall be no limit to the number of Preservation Awards that a given automobile may win.