The Gulf Coast Triumph Association, Inc. d/b/a Texas Triumph Register is a local chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register, the Triumph Sports Owners Association, an area center for the Triumph Register of America, and a local chapter of the 6-PACK club. The Vintage Triumph Register and Triumph Sports Owners Association are open to all Triumph automobiles. The Triumph Register of America is exclusively for TR-2 through TR-4A automobiles. The 6-PACK is dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation and resoration of the 6 cylinder Triumphs (TR250 and TR6), hence the name. Membership in these national organizations is encouraged. Visit their websites at:

  • The Vintage Triumph Register 
    The Vintage Triumph Register (VTR) is a North American Triumph car club of over 2,800 Triumph owners and enthusiasts supporting and showcasing all models of Triumphs. This award-winning VTR web site has been assembled through the co-operative efforts of many VTR members to make these pages a current and accurate resource for Triumph enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Triumph Register of America 
    The Triumph Register of America is the only national U.S. organization devoted solely to the TR2, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, and 4A series. What does this mean to you as a potential member? It means that for the most comprehensive look at every problem regarding the mechanics of your car–for the best guidance on parts sources for real membership with other hard core, wind-in-the-face, rain-in-the-lap-people–the Triumph Register of America offers the best you can find.
  • TR6/250 Car Club of America 
    We are the 6-Pack Car Club of America, a single marque club dedicated to the 6-cylinder models of the Triumph TR range – the TR250 and TR6. We (obviously) include the TR5, but since we’re an American club and it never officially made it over here don’t include it in the title.