TTR Grill Badges


Mail order charges:  Add $5 postage/handling for mail orders. Two or more grill badges, add $5 each badge for postage/handling.  If ordering by mail, be sure to include your shipping address, telephone number and shipping charges. TTR Regalia is available at monthly meetings and other events, or direct from Regalia Master John Wakefield. To order by mail, send check or money order only payable to Texas Triumph Register to: TTR Regalia, P.O. Box 40847, Houston, TX  77240-0847.  For more information, email 
Did you know?  Texas Triumph Register's logo is an adaptation of Triumph's early "world" logo. The TTR logo, designed by member Don Carter, puts a unique twist on Triumph world geography.  The images of Texas and the British Isles are drawn to scale.