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2007 VTR South Central Region Trials

Event Results

Best of Show
Andrew Reed 1967 TR-4A


Gary Johnston Award
Eric & Sharon Schumann


Fastest Time of Day 
Bob Kramer TR-6


Gimmick Rallye
Gimmick Rallye 1st Place  Jay Jablonski & Susan Cook
Gimmick Rallye 2nd Place  Russ Seto & Doug Trapp
Gimmick Rallye 3rd Place  Mike & Nel McPhail


Funkhana 1st Place_Jay & Linda Jablonski
Funkhana 2nd Place_Erik & Sherry Diehr
Funkhana 3rd Place  Paul & Laura Higley


Click here for a note about the autocross from Don Carter

Stock Classes

S1 Eric Diehr Spitfire Mark I – III 91.217
S1 John Barrett Spitfire Mark I – III 102.450
S2 Melissa Farrell TR3B 95.967
S2 Paul Higley TR3A 96.042
S2 Len Meyers TR3A 103.592
S2 T.D. Hathcock TR3A 108.158
S5 Dustin Nicholson Spitfire 1500 85.367
S5 John Reynolds Spitfire 1500 93.717
S5 Brandi Nicholson Spitfire 1500 126.042
S6 Roger Bolick TR6 95.980
S6 Joe Kboudi TR6 97.575
S6 Andrew Reed TR4 101.142
S6 Sam Clark TR6 104.258
S6 Mike Vukelich TR6 107.658
S6 Linda Jablonski TR6 108.440
S6 Debbie Paterson TR6 160.242
S7 Mike Gruy TR8 93.125
S7 Sean Close TR7 94.492
S7 Jim Thompson TR7 125.142
SS Bill Papp Stag 95.517
SS Susan Cook GT6 101.105
SS Duncan Wood Gloria (SV) 105.258
SS Duncan Wood Stag 106.001


Modified Classes

M2 Mike Hado TR3B 86.516
M2 Bob Grover TR3B 96.551
M2 Roy Weeks TR3A 125.345
M4 Bob Kramer TR6 84.716
M4 Fil Valderama TR250 87.542
M4 Jeff Meyers TR6 87.898
M4 Jay Jablonski TR6 91.356
M4 Karl Rittenmaier TR6 91.708
M4 Barbara Kramer TR6 92.133
M4 Gary Ramirez TR6 94.789
M4 David Fowler TR4 97.433
M4 David Chapman TR6 97.876
M4 Louise Carter TR6 99.188
M5 Ruth Josey Spitfire 1500 85.816
M5 Bill Waller Spitfire 1500 99.345
MGT Richard Ceraldi GT6 84.967
MGT Eric Schumann GT6 110.567


Modified TR-6 1st Place – Jim McInnis
Modified TR-6 2nd Place (tie) – Jeff & Risa Myers
Modified TR-6 2nd Place (tie) – Mike Billotte
Modified TR-6 3rd Place – Karl Rettenmaier

Modified Other 1st Place – Roy Weeks
Modified Other 2nd Place – David Fowler
Modified Other 3rd Place – Fil Valderama

Spitfire Early 2nd Place – Erik Diehr
Spitfire Early 3rd Place – John Barrett
Spitfire Early  1st Place – John & Jean Scott Gauldin

Spitfire Late 1st Place – Max & Linda Speegle
Spitfire Late 2nd Place – John & Liz Reynolds
Spitfire Late 3rd Place – Bill Waller

GT-6 1st Place – Tommie & Susan Cook
GT-6 2nd Place – Richard Ceraldi
GT-6 3rd Place – Eric & Sharon Schumann

Stag 1st Place – Duncan & Sheila Wood
Stag 2nd Place – Bill Parker
Stag 3rd Place – Bill & Patsy Papp

Historic (Pre-TR) 1st Place – Duncan & Sheila Wood
Historic (Pre-TR) 2nd Place – Ron Stein

TR-2 & TR-3 1st Place – Jim & Sharon Worstman
TR-2 & TR-3 2nd Place – Doug & Nancy Trapp

TR-3A 1st Place – Len & Marti Myers
TR-3A 2nd Place – Cal Birdsall
TR-3A 3rd Place – Mike & Nel McPhail

TR-3B 1st Place – Jim & Melissa Farrell
TR-3B 2nd Place – Paul & Jane Higley
TR-3B 3rd Place – T. D. Hathcock

TR-4 & TR-4A 2nd Place – Lonnie & Kay Wall
TR-4 & TR-4A 3rd Place – Karle Knoche
TR-4 Late & TR-4A 1st Place – Andrew Reed

TR-250 3rd Place – Bob Skewis
TR-250  1st Place – Vern & Carol Burnett
TR-250  2nd Place – John & Cissy Wakefield

TR-6 Early 1st Place – Sam & Carol Clark
TR-6 Early 2nd Place – Richard & Diane Dicks
TR-6 Early 3rd Place – Jay & Linda Jablonski

TR-6 Mid 1st Place – Roger Bolick
TR-6 Mid 2nd Place – Jay Jablonski
TR-6 Mid 3rd Place – Joe Kboudi

TR-6 Late 1st Place – Steve Kirsis
TR-6 Late  2nd Place – David & Carolyn Chapman
TR-6 Late  3rd Place – Art Graves

TR-7  1st Place – Jim & Barb Thompson
TR-7  2nd Place – Sean Close
TR-7  3rd Place – Clay & Edna Thompson

TR-8  1st Place – Mike & Sue Gruy


Photos this page by Clay Thompson, except immediately 
above by Tom Marsh

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